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TITLE: "Nothing&everything*
PAIRING: onesidded!Key/Minho, 2min.
GENRE: angst.
SUMMARY:  I suck at summaries ;_;  
Taemin has everything and Kibum has nothing.

:  On the rights of fangirls' laws, I own them! Muahahahhahah. (Seriously, I do not own them. SM does.) The plot is mine.
WARNING: Huh, fail. A lot of weirdness. Mistakes and typos.
Sorry, but my English sucks in every possible way.

'Taemin has everything' Kibum thinks once.

He's pretty (it's not like that Kibum isn't good looking too, but... Taemin has that innocent and childish look of his, which sometimes makes Kibum jealous.)

He has those big, doe-like eyes, sparkling slightly, always full of his own feelings (Again, it's not like that Kibum's eyes aren't big or doe-like too, but...But they don't shine. They're sharp and piercing.)

The youngest has beautiful voice (Taemin is still learning how to use properly, but it's kind of amazing. Kibum has very good voice too, but not as soothing as maknae's.)

Taemin is great dancer, always shining on stage. (Kibum is quite good dancer too, but spotlights are always on the redhead boy.)

The maknae has even love from other hyungs and noonas – all because he's just too cute, to resist.

And Taemin has something special. That „something” is special for Kibum as well.

Taemin has Minho's eyes looking only at him. Taemin has Minho's hands softly caressing his back, when maknae is tired. Taemin has Minho's admiration, Minho's protection, Minho's help... Shit! Taemin has Minho's love, his heart and soul... Taemin has captured Minho's heart first, before Kibum. Pity Key, huh? Taemin has everything which Kibum is longing for.

Taemin has everything and Kibum has nothing.

'Teenagers are greedy too'  Kibum thinks, sipping another shot of vodka.

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key don't be sad
you will find someone soon...

book of ra online spielen

Eigentlich ein brauchbarer Beitrag, aber könnt ihr beim nächsten Mal nicht n wenig detaillierter schreiben? ;-)

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